Welcome to our on-line registration portal. Access codes are requested for registration. To get your access codes, You can create a free profile simply clicking on the appropriate button: Private users: Create a new individual user Once your profile is created, you will receive a summary email with your login details. For this reason it is important that you indicate a valid email address. Technical Note: If you use spam filters in your email account, this summary email might be classified as spam, so please check in your spam messages in case you do not receive the email with your login information. ATTENTION! IF YOU ATTENDED THE 9TH ACCOUNTING HISTORY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ORGANISED IN VERONA IN 2017, YOU MAY ALREADY BE REGISTERED IN THE REGISTRATION PORTAL. IF YOU REMEMBER YOUR CREDENTIALS, YOU CAN LOG IN IN THE "PRIVATE LOGIN" SECTION. IF YOU DO NOT REMEMBER YOUR CREDENTIALS YOU CAN RETRIEVE THEM BY CLICKING ON "RECOVERY INDIVIDUAL LOGIN" OR CONTACT THE ORGANISING SECRETARIAT REGISTRATION@THETRIUMPH.COM.
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